Our Services:
Helping to ensure the safety of your supply chain.

High reliability
Particularly in the case of a complicated natural product such as the juniper berry, which grows wild and cannot be cultivated, the most important thing for the customer is to have a reliable supplier. Nothing causes greater problems than goods which, due to natural bottlenecks, simply cannot be delivered.
Unfortunately, this is often the case with juniper berries. Except with us. For nearly 200 years, we have been known for our reliability and the fact that inability to supply is, in our case, unheard of.
To this we have given our name and reputation
for hundreds of years.

Individual consultation
There are many different qualities and sorts of juniper berry. As a result, it is not always easy for the customer to find the right goods for his particular requirement.
Our experience with these raw products makes us a competent partner for all your requirements.
We know which is the right quality for your particular application and can make you a specially tailored offer.

All year round storage
Our modern all year round storage facilities ensure that we can offer supply contracts on call as a special arrangement.
We bear the risk of loss of weight due to storage and ensure professional pest control.
There is no need to worry about how to store your goods, you can simply call the quantity as and when you need it, "just in time".

Sorting, packing and shipping
We also aim to fulfill all customer requirements in terms of the sorting, packing and dispatch of the goods. Should you have any special requirements in this field, you can be certain that, together, we will find the best solution.