To enhance the raw product, we use the latest technology:

Quality sorting
Our sorting machines can sort juniper berries into every size requirement. This process sorts out all foreign particles.

Digital colour selection
Highly modern colour selectors make sure that undesirable nuances of colour are rejected and that the end product is homogenous and of high quality, in line with customer expectations.

Milling Technology & Special Sifting
We are, of course, able to deliver the raw material squeezed, torn, shred, crushed or ground. You give us your specifications and we will meet them precisely.

Careful drying

Natural goods can contain up to 30% plus moisture. However, depending on the application, lower values are required. Our approx. 20m long drying conveyor enables us to produce every degree of dryness required, without impairing the visual appearance or quality of the berries.

Professional pest control
On receipt, all lots get fumigated. Regular inspection and preventative pest control ensure that all goods leave our warehouse in perfect condition.

Optimum storage conditions
Our warehouse is specially designed to maintain the raw product all year round in ideal climatic conditions.